Visit the ancient village of Calcata, a small jewel of art and history immersed in the unspoiled beauty of the Valle del Treia.

Calcata is a small town just 40 km north of Rome that over the centuries managed to preserve intact its historical, artistic and natural heritage. Characterized by a typical Tuscan landscape, Calcata is located  in the heart of the Regional Park of the Valle del Treia and is wet from the river Treja. The ancient village, caracterized by houses of red tuff, has been a favorite destination for hundreds of Italian and foreign tourists, thanks to the Medieval streets, the typical shops and the ancient traditions.


Thanks to the artists, associations and merchants who believed in the tourist development of Calcata, the town has become an ideal place for a relaxing weekend away from the city. In Calcata you can take walks in the countryside or real hiking trails and  visit the Waterfalls of Ice Mountain. On you'll find more information to visiting Calcata.



Calcata has nearly three thousand years of history, traces of human presence in the territory in fact date back to prehistoric times. The most important witnesses are the pre-Roman in the nearby hill of Narce fact, were found numerous structures and artifacts relating to the earliest phases of Etruscan civilization. The name of Calcata appears for the first time in a document at the end of the eighth century, under Pope Adrian I (772-795). Under the control of Anguillara family in Calcata was built the castle and and the walls.


The original inhabitants of Calcata began to abandon the medieval village due to the frequent collapses of the rock-filled, but especially for the uncomfortable life conditions In the same years the village, rather than lose population, begins a new phase of life, an alternative to the city and an ideal place for artists. The artists restored  the old houses made by tufo and bring a new light to the village building new gardens, art galleries, natural or creative workshops outdoors.




The Church of SS. Name of Jesus: the church was restored in 1793 at the behest of the family of Sinibaldi. In the church, consisting of a nave and the roof trusses, are kept a baptismal font of the sixteenth century and a shrine on the wall. Behind the altar there are a series of paintings depicting stories of Christ. A legend tell that inside this church is preserved a relic of the foreskin of Jesus.


The Barn: was built in 1632 and  was called "Monte Frumentario". Few years later, appears in the Vatican a document where the barn is called "Granarone", which has been maintained to this day. The barn was active until 1950, but after this date began the deterioration. The barn was saved from collapse thanks to a recent restoration.


The Treja Valley: This is a  protected area since 1982 which include the territories of Calcata and Mazzano Romano. The area is covered by dense vegetation and crossed by the river Treja. The Valle del Treja is also full of archaeological sites, inhabited since the Bronze Age by the Falisci whose city, Narco, lies near the modern village. Further north,  in Civita Castellana, the Etruscans built cities and  temples The area is also inhabited by many species of animals: foxes, badgers, porcupines, weasels, woodpeckers and jays, and hawks such as kites, kestrels, and buzzards. Among the nocturnal birds of prey there are owls, barn owl and tawny owl.


Vegetarian Club: Since the late 70's the club is active in Calcata and promotes vegetarian culture and vegetarian food. For more info you can visit the website of  vegetarian club of Calcata


By car: 

From the Highway A1 take Magliano Sabina (Rignano Flaminio) and exit at Calcata.

From Rome take Via Cassia and exit at Calcata.

By bus

COTRAL service bus are available from Flaminio Train Station and Rome Saxa Rubra.

By train

Take Rome-Viterbo railway getting off at Rignano Flaminio and then continue with bus for Faleria-Calcata.


For more information you can visit the website of Municipality of Calcata


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