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The beach is in Fregene! This summer destination is well known for its elegant beachfront facilities, children attractions and the coolest nightclubs of Lazio.

Fregene is part of the town of Fiumicino about 30 km from Rome, and is located on the Tyrrhenian Sea. Fregene extends along the coast for about 4 km and boast lots of green and trees.
This Roman seaside resort area is a trendy and elegant place to visit if you want comfort and relaxation.  There are a number of resorts, hotels and restaurants that are sure to impress. Fregene is also the ideal place for a holiday with the family, thanks to the many attractions geared towards adults and children. If you are on holidays with your  friends, fun is guaranteed! Apertifs and cocktails in the most exclusive bars and good music abound so you can dance until late at the coolest clubs in Fregene.
Researchers at "La Sapienza" University discovered that Fregene was already known to the Etruscans. It later became a fief to the territory of Maccarese, a marshy area where the river flowed into the Tiber. Later the property passed from family to family. It was Pope Clement IX in 1666 who planted the pine trees that still form the forested area known as the pinewood of Fregene.
Following the largest land reclamation in Maccarese, in the early 1900s, Fregene became a popular summer destination for Romans. It became a favorite meeting place of the Roman nobility who would come on holiday to Fregene to enjoy the beach and nightlife but also to go fox hunting and other outdoor sports.  It is claimed that Gabriele D'Annunzio used to stay at the hotel "The Shell", while artists and filmmakers such as Alberto Moravia, Alessandro Blasetti, Federico Fellini, and Alexander Fleming had chosen Fregene as a summer destination for their holidays. Federico Fellini even chose Fregene as the location for his film "Juliet of the Spirits", filmed at a mansion in the town.
Even today Fregene is a favorite summer destination for young people and families. The town looks like a real oasis of relaxation, and has many hotels, elegant villas, streets to stroll through,  shopping, bars and restaurants to enjoy the freshest catch of fish, play areas for children and sun bathing with all the amenities and services you would expect. The famous "Fisherman's Village" which lies just to the north, came into being when after WW2, fisherman begame to build small huts on the beach.  From the '50s onwards, it gained a lot of notoriety which raised its commercial value making it today one of the most exclusive areas of the city with many restaurants and hotels. 

A day in Fregene begins in the morning on the beach  for a day of sun and relaxation. Not only sun, you will also find hotels, B&Bs and many other options for your stay. Generally, the beach establishments are equipped with swimming pools, restaurants, playgrounds and other facilities. After a pleasant day at the beach, Fregene is transformed by music and entertainment in the various nightclubs along the coast, among the trendiest for a real Roman summer.
By Car: Take Via Aurelia, and exit Maccarese-Fregene (10 Km) or Take Rome- Fiumicino motorway, exit at Civitavecchia, then exit at Maccarese Fregene (4 km)
By Train: From Termini, take a train to Maccarese in Fregene, a train leaves every half hour.
By Bus: Take a regional COTRAL bus which runs along the Via Aurelia to Fregene.  For ticket and schedule information, visit the COTRAL website.



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