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Lake Districts

Discover the fun of the holidays on the lakes, an experience through sports, fitness and relax to share with family and friends!

The area around Rome is full of lake districts where you can spend your free time immersed in nature! The lake offers services and infrastructure to ensure the safety of swimmers, so you can spend the day between windsurfing and sailing, or simply dedicating to fish and relax!


If you are in the Roman Castles area, for example, you can visit the Lakes of Nemi or the Lake Albano, ideal for natural walking by foot, by bicke or by horseback, between nature and ancient Roman ruins.


The region of Lazio has also other beautiful lakes, including  Lake Bracciano, Turano, Lake Vico and Bolsena, where in addition to outdoor activities, you will have the chance to stay in hotels and camping on the shores of the lake.

If you love nature, history and outdoor excursions we suggest you visit the shores of the Lake Albano, where you can enjoy a rich vegetation and many endangered animal species.

The natural heritage, the archeology and the traditions relating to the Lake of Bolsena, one of the largest volcanic lakes in Europe.

Lake Bracciano, a natural oasis on the outskirts of Rome where you can relax, enjoy local products and outdoor activities.

Treat yourself to an excursion to the shores of Lake of Nemi, a charming destination near the Roman Castles, surrounded by nature, history and legend.

An outdoor trip to the Lake Turano, between the picturesque medieval villages of Castel di Tora and Colle di Tora.

Come discover the clear waters of Lake Vico, immersed in the enchanting natural reserve located between the Fogliano Mount and the Venere Mount