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Lake Albano

If you love nature, history and outdoor excursions we suggest you visit the shores of the Lake Albano, where you can enjoy a rich vegetation and many endangered animal species.

Lake Albano, also called Lake of Castel gandolfo, is a volcanic lake born from the union of two craters. The lake is considered one of the deepest in Italy (170 m). The territory of the lake is  part of the Regional Park of the Castelli Romani and is divided by Lake of Nemi from the volcanic slopes of Monte Cavo. The territorial limits of the area of the lake are marked by a great circle running from Albano Laziale, Castel Gandolfo and passes, Marino, Grottaferrata, Rocca Priora, Velletri and Genzano of Rome.


You can go hiking and biking, or experience the thrill of exploring the shores of Lake Albano on horseback. Interesting from the standpoint of environmental and archaeological trail that winds through the forest at the eastern shore of the lake, where among other things, you can see the ruins of an ancient Roman villa.



In the coastal area you will find an extensive variety of algae, reeds and floating plants, while in the area of open water and 'a lot of this microbial flora and plankton they eat fish from the lake. As for the flora on the shores of the lake are typical of Mediterranean climate plants such as ferns, and horsetail, juniper and acacia trees. Among the trees overlooking the lake shores and inland areas are oak, poplar, willow and elm. Other characteristic plants surrounding the lake are: the holly, laurel, hawthorn, ivy, prickly pears, oleanders and lime.



The fish's species of Albano Lake are a lot of carp, perch, trout fish typical of the lakes, a few pike and tench (Tinca tinca). On the banks of the lake and centrally located above the small island an ideal habitat for many birds such as mallard, snipe, little egret, black-winged Italy, the garganeys, the ferruginous duck, the purple heron, the grebes, the bittern, the heron heron, herons, coots, marsh harriers, kingfishers and many others.


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