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Rocca Priora

Among excursions in the green of the Alban Hills and walks in the historic center, Rocca Priora is waiting also for taste the typical local products during town festivals, which attract hundreds of visitors every month!

Rocca Priora is a town of about 11,800 inhabitants in the province of Rome, and is the highest town of the Roman Castles, with its 768 meters above sea level. Seat of the Comunità Montana dei Castelli Romani, the area of Rocca Priora extends along the boundaries of the Regional Park of Castelli Romani.


On holiday in Rocca Priora you can visit the old town and the historic fortress, surrounded by magnificent green hills where nature lovers can engage in excursions outside the city. Rocca Priora is a popular tourist destination for its artistic heritage, preserved in museums and churches in the city.




Some historians believed that Rocca Priora arose on the site of the ancient Latin center of Corbium. In the third century after the demise of the city, took office on a Roman villa. The city's name derives from the medieval "Perjura" as built on a core area called Castrum Arcis Perjuriae that Agapito, the Counts of Tusculum, was given to his daughter. After the destruction of Tusculum in 1191, the territory came under the control of Annibaldi family.


In 1269 the castle was already indicated by the name of "Rocca Priora" in the list of goods of the Convent of Palazzolo. In 1382 the castle passed to the Savelli family to which he remained until the sixteenth century. In 1447 Pope Nicholas V gave it back to the Savelli. Pope Alexander VI allocates the castle to his son John Borgia, but the pope's death (1503) the Savelli recovered.


Rocca Priora in 1538 was included in the list of community Patrimonium Petri paid taxes to the Apostolic Chamber in 1547 and was issued the "Statute" of Rocca Priora, which have been preserved in the sections. Pope Sixtus V gave the castle back to the Savelli who intervened with numerous expansion and renovation of building construction until the assets were taken over by the Apostolic Chamber. Rocca Priora in 1806 was sold with her territory, partly Luciano Bonaparte, in part to the Rospigliosi family, who retained control until in 1870, when it became a municipality.



Baronial Palace:  Today the town hall stands the monument of the ancient castle that once belonged to Annibaldi, which remain only the foundations and some tower. The Savelli successors restored and enlarged the old castle, transforming it into an apartment building. Since 1596 the Palazzo began to fall apart, until in 1880 the municipal administration decided to intervene by giving the architect Francesco Vespignani count, the task of rebuilding the castle.


The building overlooks the Belvedere: (current Zanardelli square) where you can enjoy a beautiful view over the Roman castles.


St. Mary of the Assumption: The church dates back to 400 and over the centuries has undergone several renovations, as between the 700 and 800, who injured the Romanesque style, then restored in recent years. Inside the church you can admire frescoes and sixteenth-century architecture, but it is thought that the foundations are still those of a latin temple dedicated to Goddess Fortuna.




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