2150 Visits
Distance: 3 Km Duration: 4 to 5 hours

Itinerary description

Is absolutely recommended to walk from one place to another since all the locations are in the city center or in the archaeological sites.
Time Required:
To visit the sites mentioned it takes about  3 or 4 hours, depending on the time you decide to stop in each site.
This itinerary takes you to the treasures of ancient Rome: a journey immersed in the ancient roman ruins to discover the life of the great Emperors of History. You can see the construction of imperial palaces, the ruins of the ancient squares and places which used to be the center of roman social life.


The itinerary starts from Venice Square,  that you can easily reach by bus from Termini Train Station. From Venice Square, continue the path along Via dei Fori Imperiali, the famous roman street where you can admire the beautiful ancient ruins of the city. At the beginning of the street, on the left, there's the Mercato Traiano, designed by Apollodorus of Damascus in 107 BC. The building structure is split over multiple floors and was originally intended for commercial and public functions. Walking down the main street, after a few meters, you’ll arrive in front of the Roman Forum. This monument, not to be confused with the Fori Imperiali, is the old Republican square considered a symbolic place by Roman emperors. After the Roman Forum you’ll arrive at the Roman Colosseum, the most representative monument of Rome, also known as the Anfiteatro Flavio. From the Colosseum you can also see  the Palatine Hill, an archeological area that contains the old Emperor residences, arches and temples. Take Via Celio Vibenna and continue along Via di San Gregorio. Continuing on the road after about 800 meters there's Circus Maximus, the oldest Roman stadium, the place where ancient competitions and sports events were held. The itinerary ends here, where you can take the subway ( Line B).