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Distance: 4 km Duration: 8 hours

Itinerary description

This itinerary takes you to discover the beautiful monuments of ancient Rome, the best panoramic views above the city and Trastevere, one of the most fun lively district in Rome at night.
It is highly recommended to walk from one place to another since all the locations are in the city center.
Time Required:
It takes about 8 hours to visit the locations mentioned, depending on how much time you decide to stop in each place.

This itinerary starts from the subway stop "Circo Massimo”(Line A).  We suggest you go for a walk in Circus Maximus, the oldest and largest stadium in Rome, built by Caesar in 46 BC but already used in Tarquini's time. Walking inside the ancient monument you can see the remains of ancient steps, although at present there is little left of the original structure. From Circus Maximus,go straight down Via di Valle Murcia and continue onto Via di Santa Sabina until reach the Cavalieri di Malta Square.  Here you can admire the wall decorated with military trophies. From the square go back onto Via di Santa Sabina and walk up to the Orange's Garden, one of the most beautiful panoramic views of Rome, for postcard-perfect pictures! Now take Clivio di Rocca Savella and at the end of the street, turn right onto Via di Santa Maria in Cosmedin until reach the Mouht of Truth, made famous in the movie "Roman Holiday". From here take Via del Foro Boario and on your right you'll see the Arch of Janus, an example of ancient roman architecture. After visiting the arch go back and take Via Luigi Petroselli and continue onto Viale del Teatro di Marcello. On your left you'll see the Theater of Marcellus which was the largest theater in ancient Rome. The tour continues in the Jewish Ghetto, where the remains of the Portico of Ottavia and the big Synagogue are well preserved. Once you've reached Lungotevere Dè Cenci, cross the bridge to admire the spectacular site of Tiberina Island.  Continue all the way across the bridge and to the intersection with Lungotevere Anguillara and turn left onto Viale Trastevere.  From here turn right onto Via della Lungaretta which leads into the heart of the Trastevere District. Here we suggest you to visit the Our Lady's in Trastevere Basilica followed by a typical Roman aperitif: a little something to eat and drink in one of the cocktail bars or restaurants.


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