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Distance: 3 km Duration: 8 hours

Itinerary description

The following itinerary will bring you to Coelium Hill and several churches in Rome such as  St John in Laterna's Basilica.
It is recommended to walk from one place to another, but considering the long distances, the route can also be done by bike.
Time Required:
It takes about 8 hours to visit the locations mentioned, depending on how much time you decide to stop in each place.
This itinerary starts from the Roman Colosseum, easily reached by subway, at "Colosseo" (Line B). We suggest entering inside to admire the magnificence of the arena and imagine what it could have looked like when filled with spectators and the gladiators. From the Colosseum go straight on Via Claudia, pass the Church of St mary in Domnica and turn right onto Viale Nilde Lotti until you arrive at Villa Celimontana, the beautiful park full of sculptures and statues. Now go back onto Viale Nilde Lotti and then turn right onto Via della Navicella until you reach Via di Santo Stefano Rotondo where you'll find the Basilica of St Stephen in the Round located on Coelium Hill. Go back onto Piazza Celimontana and turn right on Via Annia. Then turn left onto Via dei Querceti until you reach St Clement's Basilica. After visiting the basilica continue the tour on Via di San Giovanni in Laterano where you'll find St John in Lateran's Basilica, one of the oldest churches in Rome. We suggest you visit the inside of this important basilica. Now cross the square and take Viale Carlo Felice until arrive at Holy Cross in Jerusalem church. The itinerary ends here giving you just enough time to relax before planning your evening out!


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