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Museum of Roman Civilization

18916 Visits
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Museum of Roman Civilization
1937 AD
6.5 €
Average visit time
45 minutes
Piazza Giovanni Agnelli, 00144 Rome RM
Hours of operation
9.00am-2.00pm Monday closed
Phone: 065926041
Website: http://www.museociviltaromana.it/


The Museum of Roman Civilization is a very unique museum located in Eur District. Here you can see evidence of the ancient Roman culture through the ages with objects such as furniture, household objects, tools, etc. The objects displayed inside are mostly reproductions: casts of statues, busts, inscriptions, reliefs and parts of scale size buildings. There are also models of Rome's architectural complexes and provinces. The model of Imperial Rome designed and built by Gismondi in 1937 is quite impressive. To reach the Museo della Civiltà Romana you can take the subway (Line B) direction Laurentina and get off at "Eur Fermi" or the line buses n 30, 170, 671, 707, 714, 764, 765, 767, 791.


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